How to use a baby float ?

by Tony on Aug 07, 2023

How to use a baby float ?


How to use a baby float ?

Summer is coming soon. Do you plan to add swimming rings to the shopping cart for your babies. At present, HECCEI dominates the non-inflatable baby floats market, is a leading brand for water activities. We provide lots of infant floats, such as neck floats, chest floats, waist floats, and so on. However, when you receive a baby float from Aliexpress, Amazon, our official website, or any other retail websites, have you confused on how to use a baby float safely? In this article, we will introduce the usage of chest float for you.

The constitute of a chest float

Now, let us introduce you the constitute of a chest infant float with canopy. Usually, a chest float constitutes three parts, that is, the float, a canopy, and a tail pin. Here you will find some detailed information for them.

  • 1. Chest strap adjustable buckle
  • 2. Crotch belt adjustable buckle
  • 3. Five-way buckle
  • 4. Five-way buckle protective cover
  • 5. Chest rest
  • 6. Back wings
  • 7. Shoulder strap
  • 8. Arm rest
  • 9. Headrest
  • 10. Crotch rest
  • 11. Crotch rest adjustable strap
  • 12. Zipper puller
  • 13. Main part
  • 14. Fixing chest strap
  • 15. Handle
  • 16. Canopy mounting hole
  • 17. Tail fin mounting hole
  • 18. Tail fin

How to use the floats?

Now you have learned some knowledge on our products. Before having water fun, the most important step is how to put the chest float on your babies safely. Come on!


First, open the protective cover of the five-way buckle by unlocking the fastener on the side. Press the red button to release the buckle and undo the hook and loop fastener to prepare the float for wearing.


Second, stretch the shoulder straps and spread out the back wings. Place the baby on his/her stomach or back on the chest rest in the middle of the float. Put the baby’s arms through the left and right shoulder straps.


Third, put the baby in the float. Stretch the shoulder strap to let the baby’s arms pass through it.

*If a child over 8 months of age tends to swim upright and lean backward as a result, move the crotch belt to the outside of the thigh, or choose a float that can be adjusted to an upright position, and install a tail fin to avoid the risk of flipping backward.


Fourth, fasten the five-way buckle until you hear the sound of a click. Place the baby’s face within the headrest area. Since the shoulder strap and the Crotch rest adjustable strap are interconnected, adjust the Crotch rest adjustable strap so that the shoulder strap fits the shoulder of the baby and the crotch rest fits his/ her crotch. Leave a space of two adult fingers.