Scientific Data Tells You Why Babies Need To Swim Training!

by Tony on Aug 07, 2023

Scientific Data Tells You Why Babies Need To Swim Training!

Swimming is known as the “king of sports”. This is mainly due to the fact that swimming can avoid the damage to human joints that may be caused by conventional sports, and there are many health benefits that are suitable for all ages.

For babies, movement is exercise, and all behaviors that can affect babies are education. Because babies in infancy do not have any behavioral ability except for innate conditioned reflexes.

However, infancy is the golden period of brain development, and it is the key period of growth and development in the whole life. Therefore, scientific and appropriate infant exercise is of great significance to the growth of human life.

1. What exactly is baby exercise?

The process of completing movements is movement. Movements can be divided into big movements, small movements and fine movements. Big movements have the largest amount of movement, small movements are the easiest, and fine and big movements are more difficult but have a greater effect on brain development.

Your baby must do more big movements to increase the amount of exercise, such as swimming and various passive exercises. In addition, reducing the holding time is also a key point to increase the amount of baby exercise.

The baby’s nervous system is characterized by fast excitement, fast fatigue, and fast recovery. Therefore, a small number of times is the main point of baby exercise.

Master the amount of baby’s exercise. When the baby is able to crawl on its own, adults do not need to have any control over the amount of exercise for the baby, because the baby will naturally rest when tired, so there is no need for adults to teach him.

2. How to increase the amount of newborn exercise?

Increase the amount of exercise. If you consume a lot, of course you have to eat a lot. The best and only full-body exercise that your one month old baby can do is swimming. In addition to swimming, you can also do many passive exercises.

3. Why do early babies need exercise

Life lies in movement. The baby’s motor center is the earliest development of all centers, and the sensorimotor vestibule is the earliest and fastest development of all sensory organs. Therefore, every baby likes to exercise.

Exercise in the early baby can also improve the baby’s immune ability. When the immune substances brought by the mother are exhausted at 5-6 months, they will remain healthy.

In the first 5 months after birth, infants in ordinary families cannot take the initiative to exercise their whole body (the average age of turning over is 5 months), they always maintain a fixed lying position, lying in bed or being held by adults all day. This posture is very unfavorable to the health of babies. “Life lies in exercise” is a generally accepted fitness motto.

Therefore, adults should consciously help the baby’s whole body exercise before the baby can take the initiative to exercise (turn over), and directly promote the health of the baby through passive whole body exercise and swimming (the only active whole body exercise that can be done before turning over), and the effect of whole body exercise on health Much greater than small movements and fine movements.

4. Babies have the conditions to exercise

Every normal baby likes to exercise. This is because in order to survive, the motor center in the brain is the earliest and fastest center of all centers. The vestibule that feels the body’s movement and position is basically at the 5th month of the fetus. Completion is the earliest organ among all sensory organs that has completed development and function.

Therefore, every baby has the conditions to exercise. But there are some babies who don’t like sports, this kind of babies generally have problems with feeding. Newborns cannot do exercises to move their whole body on land, but they will also dance their arms and legs while lying on their backs, which is an innate self-protection function.

Adults are also deprived of the rights of babies that are held in the hands of adults. In addition, babies often have to eat more when they are full. If they exercise less and eat more, the excess energy becomes fat. Round and fat. Many adults like big fat kids, most of them don’t like sports, and they are caused by the parents themselves.

5. What sports can your baby do?

In fact, the process of the baby completing the action is exercise. In the actual raising process, because it seems simple, it is easy to be ignored by the mother. We all know that the baby’s movements can be divided into big movements, small movements and fine movements.

Large movements have the largest amount of exercise, relatively speaking small movements are the easiest, fine movements and big movements are more difficult, but they have a great effect on brain development. Infancy babies develop their intelligence through movement development.

However, different babies at different stages have different specific situations. To obtain targeted professional guidance, you first need to understand the current status of the baby’s movement development, and then perform in-depth exercise needs.