The Best Unicorn Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

by Tony on Aug 07, 2023

The Best Unicorn Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls

Following the trends and styles has come a long way since eternity. The colors of the seasons keep changing. Sometimes the boldest and often the muted tones make a mark in the world of celebrities that become a signature color of the season or year, for thousands of fans to follow. The recent one in line is the color Unicorn. This can make the best birthday gifts for girls.

  • Make a unique addition:

When it comes to gifting our beloveds, especially the girls, we are completely spoilt for choice, among the plethora of products that make appropriate gift materials. However, this time, there can be a twist in the same. Even if you go for the basic stuff, you can sweeten it up a bit for them and make it unique. With so many color constituents and options, you can opt for the ones painted in unicorn tones to give the regular materials a new look. Yes, these best Unicorn gift ideas are always a good option for the loved ones as it has that personal touch that other things lack. Moreover, what is better than a unicorn-themed gift to make the gift a memorable one?

Here are some of the ideas that can fit your budget as well:

1. A unicorn theme dress:

Gifting an item of clothing is no big deal. This is by far the most popular gift of all. However, add a twist to this regular one by going for a unicorn theme that will make it an instant favorite and a standout from all the other gifts. The best part about this dress is that it comes with a matching headband as well, to go with the dress. The quality of the dress is outstanding. A combination of nylon and polyester with a cotton lining makes this beautiful unicorn colored dress beautiful yet breathable with frills and laces to give it a Disney look. Your loved one will feel like a princess and will make this one her all time favorite.

2. Unicorn-themed mug:

How about gifting her a ceramic mug, with a little add-on? Yeah, you guessed it right. We are suggesting a unicorn themed mug as the best birthday gifts for girls. The beautiful pastel colors in their muted tones with unicorn designs go so well with the structure of the mug. Every time she takes a sip from this one, it will remind her of your love. The mug even comes with a lid in the shape of a lovely crown. A cute spoon with a long stem comes attached to the mug for your convenience. It is safe for the dishwasher and the microwave as well, reducing the hassle quite a lot. Available in three colors, you can choose one according to her favorite.

3. The ultimate unicorn set:

Rainbow Unicorn Slippers,Cozy Blinders,Fluffy Drawstring Bags,Plush Head Bands

An ultimate choice, this unicorn themed set comprises a headband, fluffy room slippers, a blinder, and a drawstring bag. This surely makes the list of the best Unicorn gift ideas for girls.

  • The slippers are so comfortable with their fleece fabric. It makes comfortable wear for the winters as they keep the feet warm. The sole of the slippers is made of rubber that makes them slip-resistant.
  • The blinders are made keeping comfort in mind. The insides are made of silk so that it feels good when it touches the areas around the eyes.
  • The drawstring bag is one that is so useful when you go out. The drawstring facility adds some protection to keep the things inside safe and secure.
  • The headband resembles the ears and the horn of the unicorn and is super cute to flaunt.

 4.Unicorn-themed water bottle and cover:

Water bottles are something that all kids require. A unicorn themed one turns the common one into a unique piece. A necessary item becomes one of the best birthday gifts for girls as it comes with a cover, for utmost protection from external damage. The unusual item available in the unicorn pink color offers happiness with every sip.

5. Unicorn socks:

A pair of socks is what we all love to flaunt, especially when they come in the cutest of colors and combinations. The 3D prints of unicorns on the socks and the material and the sizes make them fit perfectly. Let her step out with a pair of happy feet, taking her places she wishes to explore.

From renowned Hollywood celebrities to star kids, all are donning this color and, quite rightly, it has garnered a very special place in our hearts as well. Even the famous makeup brands have introduced this color in their line of products, and the outcome is no less than a heavenly red carpet look. Add this tone to give the best Unicorn gift ideas a colorful twist!