Gift Your kids The Power To Swim With baby float

by Tony on Aug 07, 2023

Gift Your kids The Power To Swim With baby float

Modern parents want their child to be an all-rounder. They want their child to be fit from a very young age and also want them to be mentally strong, fearless, and healthy. A very small step that they take in order to make their child a fearless human is to introduce them to swimming at a very young age.

Swimming is not only about mental strength and health, but it is also a very fun way to stay physically fit and strong. People of all ages take part in this physical activity with the whole of their hearts.

Now introducing a baby to the depth of water might seem fearful to you. Your concern as a parent is absolutely genuine. According to studies, infant swimming has become very popular for a few years, and it has proved to be a healthy activity for toddlers.

  • Infants learn to hold their breath for short periods of time when submerged into water.
  • Infant swimming protects the baby from many illnesses.
  • Babies are said to be born with swimming abilities as they can imitate swimming motions and reflexes.
  • Infant swimming develops water safety skills in them from a very young age.

These are a few points in support of infant swimming. However, no point denying that infant swimming comes with a lot of care, responsibility, and risk for the parents. They can’t take or say, don’t want to take any risk with the life of their child. This is why they prefer to avoid infant swimming and wait for the child to grow up.

Now no more fear and risk. You should not keep your baby from the fun and health involved in swimming. Rather, you can do something to keep him safe. There are many swim ring floats for babies available in the market. True that you can’t rely on them completely and blindly. You want the best for your child and keeping this in consideration, HECCEI has launched the very reliable, Air-Free Swim Ring Float PRO. We’ve discussed everything regarding the product later in the article – how it works, why you should opt for it, how you can rely on it, how much risk is involved and every such thing. Know about the product in details below.

What is HECCEI baby float all about?

Heccei has launched an air-free swim ring float for babies or toddlers to help them in swimming. It is portable and easy to use ring float that works as an experienced swim trainer for the baby. The baby lies on his stomach on the ring, and the straps and buckles are attached to avoid slipping. Security of the baby has been given the priority as a result of which, one press locker and upgraded buckles are used.


Why should you rely on HECCEI BABY FLOAT?

This is the question that prevails in every parent’s heart when they choose anything for their baby. As we said, you can’t rely on anything entirely and blindly, so here we mention some features of the swim ring float that would convince you of its quality.

  • Convenience and security have been given the preference, and thus, upgraded straps and buckles, one press locker button, and other safety measures have been taken so that your child can have a blast whilst being safe.
  • It considers the ultimate swimming experience and thus is upgraded into two swim ways: Breaststroke and Backstroke.
  • It is non-inflatable which ensures that there is no leakage risk and your baby is absolutely safe, without any risk of drowning.
  • It has been designed ergonomically, i.e., heightened head and widened on both sides. This makes it easier for the baby to spend more time swimming comfortably.

Apart from these main features, there are some additional features of the ring float that make it a must-have for your baby:

  • Five-point protection and safety
  • Professional Breaststroke
  • Crotch strap for leg support
  • Pearl foam inflatable liner
  • Wider and strengthen straps
  • Soft and smooth skin leather material
  • Easy to use
  • Light and gentle

This altogether explains why we want you to get this Air-Free Swim Ring Float PRO for your baby. We know what a baby means to his parents, and so we give our best to make your baby happier and healthier.

How to use baby float?

Now that you’ve known that this swim ring float is the best and the safest for your baby, you should also know the proper way to use it. Here, we mention, in steps, the instructions on how to use it:

  • Firstly, unlock all the buckles.
  • Put in the baby on the ring – on the stomach or the back–as you wish.
  • Close the wings.
  • Adjust the straps and crotch according to leg and waist tightness.
  • Start swimming.

NOTE: Although the product claims to be safe and risk-free, it’s not at all a good idea to leave your baby unattended even for a minute.

That’s all you need to know about the reliable and high-quality Air-Free Swim Ring Float PRO. Get it for your baby and give him an all-new, super fun experience.